How to Double Click on Mac OS X with Step by Step Tutorials

How to double click on mac os x? Known problem in most of the users is how to double click on mac os x. Most of the users are confused when they are trying to open do not disturb or go back.

They are looking for how to double click on mac os x in this tutorial, they will be able to learn easy step by step process for clicking do not disturb with help of how to double click on mac os x tutorial.

Also we will mention some benefits and drawbacks of clicking do not disturb in this article along with text and screenshot examples which can be used as a reference while learning how to double click on mac os x tutorial.

Double Click On Mac

DoubleClick is a small app that can be used to automate your Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. It is written in C++ and it is designed to work with OS X.

The DoubleClick has two main features:

1) Keyboard shortcut application – you can create your own keyboard shortcuts for common tasks like saving files, deleting files, opening applications, etc. You can customize the behavior by modifying the keys on your keyboard (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).

2) A file manager – you can use it to create folders with names like “Documents” or “Printers” on your desktop. This feature makes DoubleClick the perfect tool for users who want to keep their documents organized and find them quickly when they need them without having to open up Finder or another program.

Double Click On Apple Books And Games – A Simple Tutorial & Troubleshooting Guide

Today, many people using iPhone or iPad use double click to open or close apps. But this is not the only way to do it. There are alternatives like double tap on screen for opening app. But there are few problems with this method like accidentally closing an app when you double click on it (maybe due to auto-rotation).

This tutorial from Daily Fix Guide will cover how you can achieve the same result using your iOS device using Double Tap On Screen method and how switch between the two methods by simply sliding your finger up and down on screen.


The article on has so many references to, and is so deeply embedded in the world of social media and internet culture, that it is almost impossible to miss. Every time we see a giphy image on our newsfeeds or in our timelines, we get a reminder that there is such an app on the App Store. And if you use it often enough, you can get “Double Touch” on your Mac Books / Games!


  1. Search for “giphy on mac” or “giphy on iPad” (see below).
  2. If multiple results show up, select one (iPad only): Select the app from the list and tap/long press inside of it to bring up its features. Tap/long press